‘UEFA chops knot over outgoals rule, executive committee looks at the case’

According to The Times, there is a good chance that the Off Goals rule will disappear from European football. UEFA wants to get rid of it, which only requires the green light from the Executive Committee of the League.
Reportedly, adjustments to the Off Goals rule have been suggested earlier, because some clubs have to play their matches on neutral ground due to the corona outbreak. Now UEFA wants to get rid of outgoals that count twice. The Executive Committee will therefore now consider the matter. It is not known when the UEFA body will deliver an opinion.
On Thursday it became clear that UEFA would discuss a possible abolition of double counting goals. The introduction of the Off Goals rule dates back to 1965. For some time, several clubs have been criticizing the advantage. Several times in particular called trainers to abolish the rule. So their pleas now seem to be being questioned.

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โ€” Martyn Ziegler (@martynziegler) May 28, 2021