UEFA is generous and gives Easkelie another performance at a beautiful poster

UEFA has great news for Danny Makkelie. The Dutch referee is allowed to travel to Wembley to manage the Nations League squatter between England and Germany, it has become known.
So Easkie has been appointed for the attractive game, which is scheduled for Monday evening at 8.45 p.m. Dutch time. The Dutch arbitrator has been to Wembley before: for example, he whistled the semi-final of the European Championships more than a year ago, when England qualified for the final battle at Denmarks expense.
UEFA seems to be a fan of Easkelie anyway. The European Football Association also appointed him for the Champions League squatter between Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona a week ago. The Germans then won 2-0, while at Barça they were not entirely happy with Easkelie. The Catalans thought they were entitled to a penalty kick.