UEFA pretends to bleed its nose, Van Basten and football followers full of bewilderment

While all hell has broken loose around the Stade de France and the Champions League final begins more than half an hour later than planned, UEFA pretends to bleed its nose. The slick opening ceremony continues as usual and Camila Cabello finishes her repertoire: Marco van Basten cant hide his surprise at Ziggo Sport and more football followers express their anger and bewilderment on social media.
Liverpool and Real Madrid have now reported on the field, after an extra warm-up. Due to the opening ceremony, we had to wait for the game to begin anyway, despite all the chaotic conditions surrounding the stadium.

🤩🤩🤩 #UCLfinal pic.twitter.com/5p5sk1mcj9
— UEFA Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) May 28, 2022

Camila Cabello performing as chaos ensues outside the stadium is hilarious to me. UEFA covering up their bullshit as usual 🤣 pic.twitter.com/4lT30j1va4
— Ballsack Football (@bsfootbaII) May 28, 2022

Why doesnt UEFA understand that football doesnt need a show a la Camila Cabello! are our anthems for this finale are Youll Never Walk Alone and Hala Madrid @LFC @realmadrid
— Christian Falk (@cfbayern) May 28, 2022

Van Basten also finds those butt-shaking pre-programs totally superfluous. What is that UEFA doing, man? 😊 #ChampionsLeagueFinal
— Wierd Duk (@wierdduk) May 28, 2022

What Marco says #UEFAChampionsLeagueFINAL
— Tom Egbers (@primadeluxe) May 28, 2022

Boos from all around the stadium for UEFAs CL anthem.
— James Pearce (@JamesPearceLFC) May 28, 2022

Sorry @renefoolen and @pietermarechal: for me, this opening ceremony didnt have to. Had the idea that many people in the stadium werent enthusiastic about @Camila_Cabello either. Something with a cultural difference between America and Europe. 😁 https://t.co/euzgaJEBNw
— Hugo Gruijters (@sport_business) May 28, 2022

UEFA pretty much trying to silence the abuse going on outside of the stadium by forcing Camila Cabello to entertain the traumatised fans. Nice. #ChampionsLeague #UCLfinal
— Adam 💚 (@FGR_ADAM) May 28, 2022

Just realize. This is the same UEFA that fines clubs for not being able to organize matches properly.
— [FR12] Patrick (@FR12Patrick) May 28, 2022

France is showing its best side again… Metro strike: fans late at stadium. People climb over the fences top done without a ticket @ChampionsLeague… It looks like Schiphol 😌
— Olav Mol (@Olav_Mol) May 28, 2022

Did Dick Benschop switch to UEFA or become a police chief in Paris? #Schiphol #LIVRMA #ChampionsLeague
— Dennis (@D_Rijntjes) May 28, 2022

Im not sure its possible to have a more poorly organised event if you tried. Absolutely shambolic and dangerous. @UEFAcom
— Gary Lineker 💙💛 (@GaryLineker) May 28, 2022

Update: Entered stadium at 916, a quarter of an hour after intended kickoff after getting off Stade de France metro at 630 odd. So angry and so many fans just gave up. Every single one should sue @uefa and French police. Joke what we have to put up with.
— Andy Kelly (@AndyK_LivNews) May 28, 2022