UEFA: rainbow flag allowed in Budapest Stadium

Orange fans are allowed to take their rainbow flags and show them at the Budapest football stadium. UEFA says that after the KNVB football association reported that the European Union had banned the flags. There was indeed a ban in the fan zone in the Hungarian capital, but that was a decision by the Hungarians, not UEFA.

UEFA writes in a tweet that it has informed the Hungarian authorities today that the rainbow flag is not political and is in line with the rules of UEFA of the Equalgame campaign against discrimination and for inclusiveness in football.

The supporters of the Dutch team had taken rainbow flags to Budapest in protest against a recently introduced anti-gay law.

Previously, UEFA forbade Munichs city council from illuminating the Allianz Arena in the colours of the rainbow during the Germany-Hungary competition. That decision of the European Football Association was a lot of criticism. A number of German companies then decided to show the rainbow colors in their own logo. The German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has also been wearing a captain band with the colours of the rainbow ever since.

UEFA rules include that racist, sexist, religious and political expressions in the stadium are strictly prohibited.