UEFA responds to criticism from Danes: Thats why we had no other options

UEFA believes it has made no mistake by playing the game between Denmark and Finland. Just before the resting signal sounded to that duel, Christian Eriksen collapse horribly after cardiac arrest.
In a report from AP news agency, UEFA defends the decision to play the game on the same day. โ€œWe are sure that the case has been handled with the utmost respect for the players,โ€ said the Governing Body of the Union. โ€œIt was only decided to resume the game after the two teams asked to finish the game on the same night.โ€
Denmark says it got two options from the UEFA: playing the game on Saturday night or Sunday at noon. The selection and staff of the country are not happy with that afterwards. The UEFA explains why Denmark had to choose from those two options. โ€œThe players need to have 48 hours of rest between matches made us have no other options.โ€
The hit between Denmark and Finland ended in a 0-1 victory for the latter country. On Thursday, Denmark will play its next European Duel against Belgium. Finland is playing Russia a day earlier.