UEFA sabels FIFA idea: ‘This is impossible and a completely ill-thought plan’

Aleksandr Ceferin strongly disagrees with FIFA‘s plans to organise a World Cup every two years. The President of the European Football Association thinks that there will be too many matches on the calendar.
Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, shared the plan earlier this month to hold a World Championship every two years. 166 national unions voted for it, 22 unions (including the KNVB) were against. In any case, Ceferin does not understand anything at all. โ€œThis is impossible and a completely ill-thought plan,โ€ he says to the Portuguese Record.
The Slovene expects that many countries will not be able to participate in a World Cup held every two years. โ€œThe calendar is already full, so we don’
t have to change anything. In 2028 we will have a European Championship, so the European countries will not be able to participate in the World Cup. And if there is a Copa America, the South American countries cannot participate either.โ€
In addition, according to Ceferin, it is also not possible for the players. โ€œWe really don‘t need this. Can you imagine what it’s like for players to have a one-month tournament every year? There are already more and more injuries because the calendar is so full. This is a political idea that will not support.โ€