UK-France fisheries conflict is high: naval ships to Jersey

Prime Minister Johnson sends two naval ships to the British island of Jersey off the coast of France. The patrol ships are going to monitor the situation on the island as the conflict between the United Kingdom and France over fishing rights is at risk of getting out of control.

According to a Johnson spokesman, this is a โ€œprecautionโ€. There is, he says, an urgent need to calm down tensions and a dialogue between Jersey and France on access for fishermen. Following the departure of the British from the European Union, a conflict has arisen over the conditions under which European fishermen may enter British waters.

Shutdown electricity

The authorities on the largest Channel Island, which is not part of the United Kingdom but a British Crown property, consider that the French have gone too far by threatening to temporarily cut off electricity on the island. French Minister Annick Girardin (Sea) said in Parliament that she will not hesitate to use this retaliatory measures if the British continue to oppose French fishermen. The transmission of electricity on the island is for the most part via a subsea cable from France.

Girardin discovered last Friday that the British had imposed new entry conditions on French fishermen, allowing them to be shorter in the area and to take fewer fish out of the water. The list of 41 French fishing vessels on which new conditions have been imposed is not part of the UK and EU Brexit Agreement and โ€œcompletely unacceptableโ€. The British, in turn, called Girardins threat โ€œclearly unacceptable and disproportionateโ€.