UK fuel rush continues, army to train truckers

Up to 90 percent of gas stations in major English cities can run out of fuel by hoarding motorists. Petrol stations have been forced to shut down due to the rush. The British government is deploying the military to train people to be a truck driver so they can help with supplies.

Environment Minister George Eustice said today that there are no plans to have military service stations supplied themselves. Transport Minister Grant Shapps did not want to rule out such military aid this weekend.

Eustice once again stressed that the deficits were not caused by a lack of fuel, but because people in panic buy fuel โ€œthey dont needโ€.

Shell also notes that increased demand for fuel locations have become almost empty. โ€œWere working hard to supply customers,โ€ a Shell spokesman tells Reuters. โ€œSince Friday, we have seen a larger than normal demand, which means that some petrol stations cant handle demand. Well replenish supplies as soon as we can.โ€

According to the transport industry, the United Kingdom has a shortage of 100,000 truck drivers, which also makes it difficult to supply service stations. The deficit is due to a range of factors, including the corona pandemic, the ageing workforce and the exodus of foreign workers following Britains departure from the European Union last year.

Drop on glowing plate

EU citizens can no longer live and work visa-free in Britain, such as Brexit. To deal with the problems, the UK government issued 10,500 temporary visas for foreign workers, for example, to work as a truck driver. The British Chamber of Commerce calls this measure a drop on a glowing plate.

Waiting hours to refuel. This is what it looked like last weekend in London: