UK government also urges investigation into Champions League Finals

British Sports Minister Nadine Dorries wants the UEFA football association to investigate the chaos and disturbances at the Champions League Finals, last night in Paris. At the stadium entrance, people climbed over the fences with fake tickets. Liverpool fans with real tickets were unable to enter the stadium. Police bombarded supporters of the English club with tear gas and pepper spray.

Dorries saw the images and reports on social and mainstream media. She finds it โ€œvery disturbingโ€. โ€œI urge UEFA to investigate what went wrong and why, in cooperation with the stadium, French police, French Football Association, Liverpool police and Liverpool football club,โ€ she told the BBC.

French Interior Minister Darmanin blames Liverpool supporters. โ€œThousands of British ‘supporters’ without a ticket or with fake tickets forced their way in and sometimes attacked stewards. Thanks to the many police forces,โ€ he wrote on Twitter last night.

The French Ministry of Sport announced earlier that it would like to launch an investigation with the same parties Dorries mentions. Like Dorries, the ministry wants to โ€œlearn lessonsโ€ from the incident. UEFA has already pledged such an investigation.

The French police arrested at least 105 people, 39 of which were still in custody today. A total of 238 people were injured in disturbances around the match.

On Twitter, these images of furious Liverpool supporters and pepper spray spraying agents appeared:

Liverpool officers who had traveled with supporters told the BBC that the vast majority of Liverpool fans behaved exemplary, arrived at the stadium well in time and lined up nicely there, as intended.

โ€œThe way the event was secured was all wrong and incredibly dangerous,โ€ said a Liverpool woman. Her sister was searched eight times. She and her sister left before the end of the game, when a line of agents lined up in front of them. โ€œWe didn‘t feel safe. We ran to the station. There was tear gas everywhere. In front of the station were young people attacking people.โ€

The French media did not have a good word for the course of events today. โ€œAn embarrassing evening, with an organization far removed from the level at which such an event should be held,โ€ Le Figaro wrote. Sports newspaper L’Equipe praised Liverpool fans for keeping their patience.

Liverpool football club is calling on its supporters to send their experiences.