UK on stopping migrants in the Channel: We cant do it alone

โ€œWe cant do it alone.โ€ For example, the speech by the British Interior Minister Priti Patel in the House of Commons today about the migration flow from France can be summarized. While the UKs criticism mainly focuses on France, there is also dissatisfaction with the British Governments approach.

While a fifth suspect was arrested in France in connection with the boating accident off the coast of Calais, which killed a minimum of 27 migrants, a new boat with migrants was intercepted this morning at Dover. The Coast Guard then brought 40 migrants ashore.

Both traffickers and migrants do not seem to be put off by the accident. The French Interior Minister Darmanin puts the blame on the smugglers. โ€œThey are criminals, and this tragedy painfully reminds us of. The most important people responsible for this situation are the smugglersโ€.

Correspondent Frank Renout stopped by migrants in Calais and spoke about the migrants who drowned in the Channel yesterday.

But who is ultimately responsible? Opinions on that are divided. โ€œThe bodies were barely salvaged or finger pointing started,โ€ writes the news channel France24.

President Macron has vowed that France does not allow the Channel to become a โ€œcemeteryโ€ and spoke to British Prime Minister Johnson about how traffickers can be thwarted. โ€œIt is Europes deepest values: humanism and respect for the dignity of each person,โ€ Macron said.

Political gain

But Johnson believes that there is not enough to put an end to the crossing boats in the Channel. He says he is struggling to convince the French in particular to deal with the situation. Macron reacted irritated to this: the disaster should not be used โ€œfor political gain,โ€ he noted.

Today, more about the identity of the victims of yesterdays boat accident became known. It would be seventeen men, three children and seven women, one of which was pregnant. Presumably, the victims were Kurds from Iraq or Iran.

The two people who were rescued were taken to hospital in critical condition with severe hypothermic symptoms. They come from Iraq and Somalia. The fifth man arrested is said to have bought the rubber boats intended for the crossing.

Record numbers of migrants are crossing from France to the UK. This year, more than 25,700 migrants arrived in the UK by boat, more than three times as many as in 2020, when there were 8469.