UK Transport Minister: Do normal, dont tank until needed

The British Transport Minister has called on the British to do normal when they go to fuel. Grant Shapps responded to the footage of rows at gas stations in different places around the country this morning. โ€œThere is no shortage of fuel,โ€ he assured.

โ€œThe most important thing is that people just do what they always do and don‘t fill up their tank until they have to. Then you won’t get rows and there‘s no shortage of the pump,โ€ Shapps said.

The good news is, according to him, people can’t keep hoarding gasoline because their tank is full. โ€œThat‘s the difference with the toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic,โ€ he told the BBC. โ€œIt’s less easy to store fuel.โ€


At Sky News, he put responsibility for the lines in the transport industry, which would have caused panic. โ€œPeople react to that, of course, who will worry.โ€

In London, there were rows for the pump here and there:

In recent days it has become clear that the large shortage of truck drivers is causing supply problems across the UK economy. Last night, the government therefore announced that temporary work visas are being issued for 5000 truckers from abroad.

The British Chamber of Commerce and the transport industry associations responded skeptically and called the thousands of visas a drop on a glowing plate. The industry is estimated that there is a shortage of at least 100,000 truck drivers in the country.