‘Ukraine and US almost caught self-confessed MH17 offenders’

A brilliant ambush. In doing so, Ukrainian and American security forces have almost trapped some Russian leaders of the fighting in eastern Ukraine. Almost. The plan failed.

At least the US news channel CNN reports that in a reconstruction.

Fake website

Ukrainian security services had set up a website as if it were a Russian private security company. An offer was made there. Heavy boys could earn $5,000 a month converted by supposedly securing a Venezuelan oil location.

The run was huge. Hundreds of Russians signed up. They sent a comprehensive resume with their earnings. A few even boast with involvement in the downing of MH17 and another Ukrainian military aircraft, so the anonymous members of the Ukrainian security service at CNN claim.

The security service that made up the set-up was simply able to figure out the potential ’employees’.

โ€œWe called them up and said, hey, tell me more about yourself. Maybe you‘re not actually a soldier, maybe you’re just a plumber,โ€ one of the army officers tells CNN. โ€œThen they began to reveal all sorts of things about themselves, they sent us documents, military IDs, proof of where they had fought. We thought bingo!โ€


According to Ukrainians, the plan was elaborated with the Americans and involved American money, but intelligence sources in Washington deny that.

Next, a remarkable series of events follows. The Russians are recruited and would fly to Venezuela, but corona made flying more difficult. Russia did leave the border with Belarus open. That‘s why the fighters were transferred to Minsk where they stayed for so long in a health resort, just outside the capital. They wouldn’t be noticed like that. Later they had to go to Ukraine, ambush, and be tried.

But the Russian fighters were noticed. With a lot of fanfare, the Belarusian police took action. Everyone got busted. Belarusian television was proudly shown a parade of the captured Russian fighters including their documents, as evidence of involvement in Russian military operations. The Belarusians were white – white. They thought a secret Russian operation was underway.


That it was all part of a Ukrainian plot, no one believed at the time. A few days later, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called to his counterpart Alexander Lukashenko, according to CNN, with the friendly request that the Russians go to his country. Transcripts of that conversation show that Zelensky honestly explains that they are people suspected of crimes in Ukrainian territory.

Lukashenko thought about it for a moment. He spoke to Putin. And declined the request. A few days later, all but one Russians came home safely in Moscow. Mission Fails.

Publicly, Zelensky has always maintained that there was no Ukrainian plan. โ€œI understand that the idea of this operation came from, say, other countries, certainly not Ukraine.โ€ However, the sources of intelligence in Ukraine, where CNN has been investigating for months, say that there was a serious operation โ€” and a huge downer due to its failure.

โ€œWe could have tried them and showed Russia that the fight is serious,โ€ a commander sips.