Ukraine hack attack was ‘biggest ever’, uncertainty about troops remains

Although the Kremlin claims that Russia withdraws part of its troops from the border area with Ukraine, according to Ukraine itself, there is still no sign of a Russian retreat. In doing so, the Ukrainian Minister of Defence relies on information from his intelligence services.

His ministry and a number of banks were hit by a cyberattack today and yesterday. Ukraine speaks of the biggest hacking attack ever against the country and suspects Russia is behind it.

Russia contradicts that. According to the US, there is no telling who is responsible for the cyberattack. A Dutch server would have been used in the attack. It was taken offline at the request of the police, reports BNR.

More Troops

According to NATO and the United States, Russia continues to send military and equipment to the border area with Ukraine. Nothing would show that the country is pulling out part of its troops.

Moscow continues to take troops away from the border area. In three to four weeks, the military in Western Russia will be back to their normal positions, said the Russian ambassador to Ireland, according to Reuters news agency.

The Russian Ministry of Defence said earlier that part of the force has left the border area, because the military exercise in that region has been completed. It hasnt been said how many soldiers would leave.

Russia distributed this video about the supposed withdrawal of equipment:

Moving tanks and soldiers is not evidence of a withdrawal, said NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg. According to him, too, there is no evidence that Russia is really getting back military personnel. “So far, there is no de-escalation,” Stoltenberg said. He said he can also prove this with satellite images.

Russia and NATO member states have been involved in an information struggle for weeks about the tensions that have been incurred with Ukraine. According to Washington, Russia can invade the country any time. Moscow calls that fake news and blames the West of hysteria.