Ukraine wants to prepare NATO membership, subdued US response

The US Government has responded with little enthusiasm to Ukraines request for membership in NATO. Ukrainian President Zelensky wants his country to have access to a special NATO programme for countries wishing to join the Europe/American military alliance.


recent days, tensions in Eastern Ukraine have been rising again and Zelensky believes that NATO membership is the only way to peace in his country. Moreover, it would be a clear signal to Russia, which supports the separatists in the East.

The spokesman for US President Biden said that the Ukrainians have long wanted to join NATO, and that the US administration is also talking to them about this. “But only NATO is about membership.”

According to the US Department of State, the door to NATO is always open to countries that raise the bar, but Ukraine is not yet ready. “Reforms still need to be implemented in order to achieve a more stable, democratic, prosperous and free country.” The Pentagon, in turn, stressed that NATO has already decided in 2018 that Ukraine will join the Alliance, but did not devote any further.

Zelensky approaches NATO leaders

recent days, President Zelensky made his appeal personally to several NATO leaders, including Secretary-General Stoltenberg. It conveyed the great concerns of the alliance over Russias military activities.

NATO continues to work closely with Ukraine, tweeted Stoltenberg:

Zelensky continued to call Prime Ministers Trudeau (Canada) and Johnson (UK), along with the US major NATO countries. He also asked Trudeau for access to NATOs support programme.

The Canadian later expressed his “unambiguous support” for Ukraines sovereignty at a press conference. He also said he wanted to extend the long-standing friendship with the country, but did not mention NATO or the programme. There were also statements of support from London, but no firm promises.


the meantime, the Russian Kremlin believes that all rhetoric can further destabilise the situation in Eastern Ukraine. President Putins spokesman said that the people living in that region will never agree to NATO membership.