Ultee: ‘He played Messi and Suárez, no problem he barely trains’

Dimitrios Siovas barely trains at Fortuna Sittard, but is a fixture in the Sjors Ultee team. The trainer of the Limburgers assures that the group of players has no problems with the remarkable division between training and games at the Greek.
The 33-year-old Siovas entered Fortuna in January, but the body of the stopper has already worn out quite a bit. As a result, Siovas trains a lot less than the other Fortuna players, while being a regular base customer. For us, only one thing counts: getting points, says Ultee at ESPN. So, in a week, well do everything with the medical staff to prepare him for competitions. But it wasnt the easiest preparation weeks for him to stand there. But even now (against Go Ahead Eagles, ed.) he played a very good first hour.
The fact that Siovas barely trains is no problem, according to Ultee. With such an experienced player, thats possible. He has played two hundred matches in La Liga, he has stood against Messi and Suárez. Then you can also do a little more experience. The group also accepts it because it is so good. But we do have to provide customization.
Fortuna won with Siovas from Go Ahead Eagles on Sunday. As a result, the club rises to fourteenth place in the Eredivisie.