Ultee knew he would be fired after Fortuna Sittard Instagram post

When Sjors Ultee looked on Instagram after Fortuna Sittards match against SC Cambuur, he knew enough. The club announced private training sessions for the entire week. As a result, Ultee knew he was going to be fired.
s what Ultee says at Langs de Lijn en Omstreken, a radio program by DecceIT. He had been under fire for a long time and felt the pressure increasing more and more. โ€œWhen I came to the club the next day, I had a conversation with the technical manager. They thought I had decided to keep the training sessions closed. But after a call, they found out that this was not the case and someone else in the club had decided to do so,โ€ says Ultee.
โ€œI noticed that the conversations went differently. The differences in insight into conversations were increasing,โ€ says Ultee about the increasing pressure. According to him, Burak Yilmaz was not the reason for his resignation. โ€œPeople who are really good always have something special. But when its exciting, they get up. People sometimes say: no one is bigger than the club. But he may well be bigger than the club,โ€ says Ultee, who also calls Yilmaz โ€œhumbleโ€ and โ€œsuper social.โ€

Sjors Ultee saw his resignation coming after reading a post on Instagram. https://t.co/D6mXX8qikr
โ€”cceIT Sports (@ CCEitSport) September 29, 2022