Ultee laughs at Siovas after enforcement: I said I dont care. Ill never forget him.โ€

Fortuna Sittard trainer Sjors Ultee couldnt cope with his luck Sunday afternoon. The rehearsal master was delighted, after seeing how his team maintained his art and flight work while visiting NEC.
Fortuna won 0-1 in Nijmegen, because the home team missed several big chances in the last minutes. That did not diminish the joy at Ultee afterwards. โ€œThe first half was not so bad, but the second half: I
ve never experienced anything like this before… I am completely devastated, but above all very proudโ€, he says in front of the camera at ESPN.
Partly because Fortuna brought in many players in the winter, Ultee and co. were able to prevent relegation. โ€œIve heard people say it: theyre leaving after this season, they wont care. Watch todayโ€, let Ultee record by Voetbal International. โ€œI havent seen an attitude in anyone of: Fortuna is degrading, it will be a concern for me. Tomorrow, Ill be gone anyway.โ€
Next, a smiling Ultee makes a small side note. โ€œWell, Sio (Dimitrios Siovas, ed.) did just come to me. He said: Coach, tomorrow nine
o clock, I have my flight. I said Sio, you can fly tonight. I dont care. (…) I will never forget him.โ€