Ultimate ADOM bagel out in early Steam access

Publishing house Assemble Entertainment released a new Thomas Biskup game into Steams early access. Ultimate ADOM – Caverns of Chaos – sequel classic bagel ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery), the release of which took place more than 25 years ago. Players will once again go to the caves Chaos on the fight against awakened evil.

And in the process of passing endless dungeons with procedural generation, each choice made will affect the development of history and the whole world. The creators of the game have already published a promising plan of work.

And in March, Ultimate ADOM is waiting for the first content update with new monsters and dungeon templates. And in April, a major update with a new class and mechanics of spoilage and hunger is planned.

Buy Ultimate ADOM until February 25 can be with a release discount, for 369 rubles. And for those who want to support the fight against cancer, the charity edition Save the World has been prepared with a soundtrack and wallpaper.

It was estimated at 679 rubles. More on CCeit Annapurna announced paradise action film Neon White Leak: at BlizzCon announce Burning Crusade Classic and Chains of Domination Premiere of fencing simulator Hellish Quart proved successful.