Ultimate search for friends who have been missing for 46 years

Next week, the police in Brabant will make an ultimate attempt to find two men who have been missing for 46 years. Befriended street makers Piet Hölskens and Hans Martens may be buried in a car under the sand at the bottom of De Brink in Liessel. A specialized company searches two specific places in the lake, writes NRC.

On 16 March 1974, 21-year-old Martens and 22-year-old Hölskens stepped into a red Fiat 850 Coupé at 3 a.m. after a visit to a pub in Deurne. They were never seen again after that and the car was never found.

Six years ago the family received new information from the police: the two friends were allegedly murdered because of a secret relationship Martens had with a married woman. In retaliation, he would have been lured to an abandoned place, where he was murdered. Hölskens would also have been killed, because he witnessed it

If a crime has indeed been committed, no one can be convicted because the case is statute-barred.

Metal object under the ground

Two years ago the police started an investigation on the lake in Liessel. Measurements with special equipment now show that there are two places where it is certain that there is a metal object under the sand, possibly a car.

“After the weekend we’re going to suck the sand away with divers to expose the top of these objects,” says Kirsten van der Eijden, coordinator for missing persons at the East Brabant police force, to the newspaper. “It’s very exciting.”