Ultimatum to chairman Bergkamp: MPs demand an explanation about the Arib affair

Chairman Bergkamp and the Executive Board of the House of Representatives must clarify their approach to an external investigation into possible cross-border behavior by the former President of Parliament Arib before 1pm on Monday afternoon. This is what MPs demand in a letter held by DecceIT.

Party leaders of the opposition parties SP, Party for the Animals, BBB and MP Omtzigt today sent the three-page letter with numerous critical questions about how Bergkamp and the presidency have addressed it.

โ€œWe want to ask you for a clear explanation of what happened, in the interest of the House of Representatives,โ€ write Marijnissen, Ouwehand, Van der Plas, Omtzigt and Leijten. They call the issue โ€œvery important for trust in our democracy and our institutions.โ€

‘Abuse of power’

On Wednesday evening, NRC leaked that the presidency, the daily administration of the House of Representatives, wants an independent investigation into Arib‘s performance in her period as President of Parliament from 2016 to April 2021. The reason was two anonymous letters accusing her ofโ€ abuse of powerโ€, a โ€œreign of terrorโ€ and โ€œan unsafe working environmentโ€, writes NRC.

Arib reacted furiously to the news, also because she had not been informed about anything beforehand. She spoke of a โ€œpolitical dagger stingโ€.

Bergkamp has to answer numerous critical questions from the letter writers. They want to know the legal basis of the investigation and on the basis of which regulations the investigation started. โ€œWhat procedural guarantees were in place to safeguard both the interests of the reporters and Mrs. Arib.โ€

The presidency had sought advice from the national lawyer, the government’s lawyer. The opposition parties do not understand that and that is why they want to know who came up with it and why the parliamentary lawyer was not asked.

Question marks

There are also questions why Arib was not informed before the presidency decided to investigate her. โ€œIs this a common procedure?โ€ Yesterday, the chairman spoke to the press and all the details of the investigation came out. This is also being questioned.

The letter writers are concerned about the unrest within the employees in the House of Representatives. There are employees who do not recognize the complaints about Arib and the opposition parties want their story to be listened to as well. โ€œHow is it ensured that all the sounds in the work environment sound and are heard?โ€

President of Parliament Bergkamp must answer the long list of questions before 1pm on Monday afternoon.