UN beats alarm: teething vaccinations are lagging behind

Due to the coronapandemic, nearly 23 million children worldwide missed vaccinations against measles, polio and other preventable diseases last year. Thats what the World Health Organization WHO and the UN Childrens Organization Unicef write. Its about the highest number in more than ten years.

Measles, one of the most contagious diseases, is under control in most Western countries, but in some African and Asian countries with weak health care, the disease is still a major problem. Measles are particularly at risk for young children.

According to WHO and Unicef, the corona pandemic is threatening to pave the way for a perfect storm, as millions of extra children have become vulnerable. Especially in India and Nigeria, many children were not vaccinated against disease last year. There have been major outbreaks in Afghanistan, Mali, Somalia and Yemen.

According to WHO, the corona pandemic has thrown back the vaccination program of children against more known older diseases more than a decade back in time. The organization warns that this situation can lead to major outbreaks this year.