UN Commissioner: Former Government Staff Possibly Murdered by Taliban

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet accused the Taliban of murdering employees of the former Afghan government and their family members. Her office has received credible reports that they were arrested without charge, she says. โ€œIn some cases they were released again, others were found dead.โ€

The Taliban would go door to door to track down employees of the previous government. In addition, they would have been looking for people who worked with the US forces and companies in several places. UN employees would also have been attacked and threatened.

Bachelet says Afghanistan has entered a โ€œnew and dangerous phaseโ€ because the Taliban does not do what they promised. In their first press conference following the takeover of power, on August 17, a spokesman said that the safety of everyone would be guaranteed, including those who fought against the Taliban or collaborated with Western powers.

Ministry of Virtue

There are increasingly stringent rules for women as well. Bachelet says that in some parts of the country girls are not allowed to go to school after their twelfth year.

The Taliban rebranded the Ministry of Womens Affairs; it is now called the Ministry of Virtue. That is the ministry that oversaw compliance with Taliban law on the street in the 90s. Officials of this ministry punished women who were dressed lestily or without a male counselor on the road with corporal punishment.

Last week it was seen how Taliban fighters hit women with a whip:

New Taliban Education Minister Abdul Baqi Haqqani announced yesterday that women are allowed to continue studying at a university. They are separated from the men and are also taught by female teachers.

If there are not, another solution will be sought, Haqqani said. โ€œWe can teach male teachers from behind a curtain or use technology.โ€ Haqqani thinks everyone will settle in the decision. โ€œWe are Muslims and they will accept it.โ€

Female students are required to wear a headscarf. It is unclear whether the face should also be covered and whether other dress codes apply.

The curriculum will be updated. Haqqani wants a curriculum โ€œthat is in line with Islam but can compete with other countriesโ€. What this will look like in practice is not yet clear.