UN: Libyan authorities lock more than 5000 migrants in detention centres

Libyan authorities have secured at least five thousand migrants in detention centres over the weekend, reports the UN. Among the migrants there are at least two hundred children and dozens of pregnant women. The numbers may increase even further in the coming days.

Migrants homes were invaded, after which they were assaulted and taken to the shelter camps. A migrant was shot and fifteen migrants were injured.

According to the UN, the Libyan government is guilty of human rights violations and possibly war crimes and crimes against humanity. Violence is widely applied in detention centers, the UN researchers report. Libyan militias would be guilty of torturing, raping and killing migrants, among other things.

The researchers also report that Libyan Coast Guard treats migrants poorly. The Coast Guard is trained by the European Union with the aim of stopping migrants in the Mediterranean. According to MSF (MSF), the Coast Guard has intercepted and detained 14,000 people at sea this year alone.

Hopeless Existence for Migrants

In June, AzF announced to stop working in detention centers in the coastal city of Tripoli, as the migrants are trapped there under unacceptable conditions. Over time, more and more excessive force was used against the detainees, which prevented us from working safely there, said Akke Boere, operational director, earlier in the NPO Radio 1 Journal.

Since last week, AzF has been active in the country to provide medical assistance after the authorities promised to improve the situation. You have to imagine that the situation in these centers is still very bad, Boere said. These people have a hopeless existence. They are locked up, while in principle they are entitled to an asylum procedure to see where they can go.