UN postpone decision on ambassadors Taliban and junta Myanmar

A special commission of the United Nations is provisionally postponing a decision on who may represent Afghanistan and Myanmar to the organization. In both countries, the government was overthrown last year. The Taliban in Afghanistan and the army in Myanmar want the ambassadors of previous governments to the UN replaced by their ambassadors.

If the UN agrees, this is an important step towards international recognition of the regimes. Therefore, a decision about it is sensitive.

Because the decision has been postponed, the current ambassadors remain on for the time being. For Afghanistan, that is Ghulam Isaczai and for Myanmar Kyaw Moe Tun. The Taliban want Suhail Shaheen to be the new ambassador. He is a spokesperson for the Taliban in Qatar. Myanmars junta has pushed the senior military Aung Thurein forward.

Commission of nine countries

The United Nations credentials committee focuses on the question of who is the rightful representative of a country. That committee consists of nine countries. This year, the United States, China, Russia, Chile, Namibia, Bahamas, Bhutan, Sweden and Sierra Leone are members of the committee.

In September, the Taliban requested speaking time at the beginning of the United Nations General Assembly. Then it was indicated that the committee could not meet in the short term. When the committee makes a decision now, it is unclear. There is no next meeting scheduled for the time being.

In the nineties, the Taliban was also in power. The UN then did not agree to an ambassador of the radical Islamic group. That meant that the ambassador of the previous government stayed on.