UN report: Ukraine also blamed for attack on Lugansk care home

Ukraine is partly guilty of the deaths caused by an attack on a nursing home in the Lugansk region, according to a report by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Dozens of civilian deaths were likely to occur there in the attack in early March.

AP news agency reports that Ukrainian authorities blamed Russian troops for the attack on the care home in Stara Krasnyanka. This would be an โ€œunprovokedโ€ attack, but the UN doubts that. According to the Human Rights Office, the Ukrainian army is also to blame for the attack because soldiers moved into the care home a few days before, making it a goal.

71 patients

The Ukrainian soldiers arrived at the care home on 7 March. They had chosen this place because, according to the report, it had โ€œa strategic location relative to an important nearby roadโ€.

On March 11, the property was attacked by Russian soldiers with heavy weapons. At that time, in addition to the soldiers, 71 patients were present and fifteen employees were present. After that, fighting arose between Russian and Ukrainian troops and a fire broke out in the care home.

It is difficult to determine exactly how many patients died, but according to the UN, at least 22 patients survived the attack. The report does not say that there would be war crimes, but does mention it as an example of the possible use of a human shield. The report also mentions an example of how Russian soldiers may have been guilty of this in another incident.