Unbelief about asylum seekers coercive sentences

Surely it is impossible to sell the fact that so much money is paid out to asylum seekers because of slow procedures, says P.G. Wortel.

How on earth is it possible that, at a time when the belt has to be tightened, prospectless asylum seekers who have to wait too long for their application for asylum receive a generous compensation of up to EUR 15,000?

Surely it is impossible to sell the fact that EUR 65 million will be paid out in 2020, which was EUR 100 000 in 2015 and is now going through the roof?

This tax money would be better used for people in care or education, where it is desperately needed to keep employees on board.

This is what the general considerations should be about and not about priet talk.

The Cabinet has shown that it is good for the ordinary citizen.

P.G.Wortel, Schagen