Unbelievable inclination of Huntelaar: ‘Let him look at the vaccination’

What an incredible turn of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar: 89 minutes sitting on the bench, being inserted at a 1-1 stand and then lead your team to a 1-3 victory. The Hunter gets loads of compliments on social media.

Does Ajax still have to let him go to Schalke 04? Thats the question now.

Somewhere in Gelsenkirchen, a technical director throws down his TV #Huntelaar #tweAJA
โ€” Vincentschildkamp (@vinschildkamp) January 14, 2021

The difference between a born striker and the many modern made spires, 2 out of 2… #Huntelaar
โ€” Pierre van Hooijdonk (@pierrevh17) January 14, 2021

250th goal of Klaas Jan Huntelaar in his career. And his 251st. The striker shows why Ajax may need him very much in the coming months… #Ajax #Schalke pic.twitter.com/wh50jcwnmd
โ€” Freek Jansen (@Freek_JansenVI) January 14, 2021

Haha, and then theres always Klaas. After all the missed opportunities in the last few months, #Ajax will have thought for a while when Schalke called this week… Overmars will not pick up tomorrow morning. #tweaja
โ€” Bram van der Ploeg (@BvdPloegg) January 14, 2021

Huntertje gives a LOI course to complete.
โ€” Sjoerd Mossou (@sjoerdmossou) January 14, 2021

Unlikely. Phenomenon is Huntelaar anyway. Discharge at him after the 1-2 said everything.
โ€” Mark van Rijswijk (@markvanrijswijk) January 14, 2021

Too bad for Schalke but were not going to do this
โ€” DuBlanqeBogarde (@DuBlanqeBogarde) January 14, 2021

Phenomenon @KJ_Huntelaar At @ESPNnl Michiel Teeling says it aptly: UNITIVABLE ALLOW. #tweaja 1-3.
โ€” Mike Verweij (@MikeVerweij) January 14, 2021

With Haller, you have a Plan B. #tweaja
โ€” Bart Sanders (@bart_sanders) January 14, 2021

Maybe we should get #Huntelaar to take a look at that vaccination. Then that backlog is so caught up. #tweaja
โ€” Jordi van de Bovenkamp (@JOR_ID) January 14, 2021

Even though he stops.. give @KJ_Huntelaar a contract 4 life.. รฐรฟหœโ‚ฌ #tweAJA
โ€” Robin Lefรฉber (@RobinopdeRadio) January 14, 2021