Uncertainty about positive corona-virus artists Australian Open

The authorities in the Australian state of Victoria and the Australian Open organisation have announced corona infestations to two players in the run-up to the grandslam tournament. However, according to the parties concerned, it is not clear whether these are new infections or persons who had previously been infected.

There is

also uncertainty about the quarantine costs of the participants. The health authorities in Victoria reported on Wednesday that again two participants in the tennis tournament had tested positive. This brings the number of players involved in this year‘s first grandslam tournament that tested positive to ten.

According to Victoria’s Minister Lisa Neville, two players and a person who does not take action himself, but who is involved in the tennis tournament, have been found positive. There is uncertainty about the number of infections. Several results have been adjusted because they are residual material from previous infections. These persons are not contagious.

Forced lockdown

Neville said that one player at least involves a previous contamination. โ€œOf the other two cases, this is not yet clear. That would be about a player and a person from the entourage.โ€

Due to a series of infestations aboard three aircraft arriving in Melbourne, 72 players are forced to spend two weeks in lockdown in their hotel rooms.

Cost quarantine

Tournament Director Craig Tily told an Australian radio station that the cost for quarantine could be up to 40 million Australian dollars, about 25 million euros. According to him, part of it would be paid by the state of Victoria. That statement led to anger among Australians.

Minister Neville, however, hastened to report that the taxpayer in Victoria does not contribute to the quarantine costs, which the Australian Tennis Association has informed that the tournament organisation is paying for the costs.