Uncertainty about safety issues at nuclear power plant in China

Security issues may have arisen at a nuclear power plant in Taishan, China, international media, including CNN reports. Among other things, the nuclear reactor would leak too much radioactive gas.

The French co-owner of the nuclear power plant near Hong Kong says the power plant is facing a โ€œperformance problemโ€. But the Taishan plant still meets the safety requirements, is stated in a statement by the company Framatome.

Radiological Threat

The Taishan nuclear plant in southern China is 70 percent in Chinese and 30 percent in French hands. According to CNN, the French owner made a call to the US government about the potential problems, hoping that the Americans would be able to provide technical assistance.

Framatome would have warned of an โ€œupcoming radiological threat,โ€ writes the US news channel. For example, the Chinese Security Authority would have increased radiation limits in the area of the nuclear power plant to prevent the plant from shutting down.

โ€œNo Riskโ€

According to CNN, U.S. officials consider that the nuclear power plant is not currently a serious threat to the safety of workers or Chinese living nearby.

And Framatome himself says in a statement that although there is a โ€œperformance problemโ€, there is no risk to safety. โ€œOur team works with experts to assess the situation and propose solutions to address any problem possible.โ€

Safety Regulations

The Chinese owner of the plant also says in a statement that all radiation values look normal. Furthermore, the plant complies with all safety regulations, stated in the statement.

The French company EDF, of which Framatome is a subsidiary, says the company has been informed of an increased concentration of certain noble gases in one of its reactors. According to EDF, the presence of these noble gases is a well-known phenomenon. The company also says it asked the nuclear power plants board of directors to meet.

The nuclear power plant is located in Guangdong Province in southern China, a densely populated area that regularly suffers from power shortages.