Uncertainty about sequel Dance Dance Dance Dance

The Dance Dance Dance Dance will not be featured at SBS next season. However, this does not mean that the dance competition will not be seen at all in the future…

A spokesman tells the ANP about statements by presenter Wendy van Dijk in RTL Boulevard. She presented the last season of the program at SBS and claimed that the plug will be pulled out of the show.

โ€œ Dance Dance Dance is not currently in the programmingโ€, says SBSs saywoman. โ€œBut we dont rule out anything for the future.โ€ The station cannot yet tell if Wendy van Dijk will return as a presenter.

Dance Dance Dance changed channels and presentations after four seasons. The first four seasons were broadcast at RTL 4, of which the first three were presented by Chantal Janzen and Jandino Asparaat. Humberto Tan took Jandinos place in the fourth season. For the fifth season the program moved to SBS and the presentation was in the hands of Wendy van Dijk and Jandino Asparaat. However, in contrast to the previous seasons, the program now attracted significantly fewer viewers.