Uncharted and The Last of Us 2 screenwriter Josh Sherr left Naughty Dog

Writer, screenwriter and designer Josh Sherr announced his retirement from Naughty Dog Studio, where he worked for 21 years. He stated that since childhood he dreamed of making games, and it was only thanks to the fantastic team of the studio that this became not only a reality, but also an unforgettable adventure. Josh Sherr started his work at Naughty Dog in as an animator of cinematographic videos.

With his participation, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak 3, Jak X: Combat Racing and Daxter games were created. When creating games in the Uncharted series, Sherr participated in writing the script and acted as a host cinematics animator.

And when working on The Last of Us Part II, he was a narrative designer. Sherr did not say what he would do after leaving Naughty Dog.

But he hinted that the studio is working on something incredible, and he will be happy to get to know the new project without spoilers. More on Gambling Addiction Chivalry 2 sales exceeded two million copies Stray creators offer to donate cat shelters Saints Row will again allow us to cheat insurance.