‘Undisputed hero’ Van Basten gets drama series with ‘international allure’

The life of Marco van Basten becomes the subject of an international drama series. Thats what the ANP reports. Producer Hollands Licht bought the rights of the autobiography of the former world football player of the year.

Producer Dan Blazer promises a series with international allure, says the news agency. Who needs to be in the role of the former top striker of Ajax and AC Milan is not yet known. However, Barry Atsma is connected to the project as a creative consultant. โ€œMarco is an undisputed hero to me,โ€ says the actor. โ€œBut I also got to know him as a fascinating character full of contradictions. Extremely ambitious, brilliant and demanding, but at the same time fragile, searching and touching sincere. His capriciousness is a great source for an immersive series.โ€
It is not yet clear when the recordings will start. Last year he published his autobiography Basta, in which Van Basten talks about his childhood, the relationship with his parents and the highlights of his career, including the profit of Het EK 1988 with Oranje. The lows are also covered, such as his ankle injury and financial setbacks.
More than 100,000 copies of Basta have been sold in the Netherlands.