Unemployment falls further below 4%

Unemployment in the Netherlands fell further in December to 3.9% of the labour force. The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) announced this.

In November, unemployment stood at 4%.

According to CBS, 368,000 people were unemployed last month. Over the past three months, the number of unemployed fell by an average of 15,000 per month. The number of employees grew by an average of 24,000 per month during this period, says the Statistics Office.

For the first time in six months, the number of WW benefits is rising again, reports UWV. At the end of December, the UWV registered 286,000 current WW benefits, an increase of 9000, largely due to the usual increase in WW in winter. Thus, the number of benefits in construction and agriculture increased. The coronacrisis reinforced this effect: the number of WW benefits also increased in the hospitality industry.

The confidence of Dutch consumers in the economy is also under pressure from the coronacrisis this month, although pessimism declined slightly.

The indicator with which the statistical office measures confidence came to minus 19 in January as against minus 20 in December. Thus, consumer confidence is well below the average over the last 20 years (minus 7).