UNESCO removes Liverpool from World Heritage

Liverpool is disappearing from the UNESCO World Heritage List. The maritime trading city is losing status due to overdevelopment concerns in the area, according to a UN Organization Committee.

In an initial response to the news, the UK says it is very disappointed and convinced that Liverpool still deserves a place on the list. The city was awarded World Heritage status in 2004 due to its historic centre and port area.

Oryx Shrine

It is not common for appointments to be undone. This only happened to the Arabian Oryx Shrine in Oman and the Elbe Valley in Germany. To remove a location from the list, at least two-thirds of committee members must support it. In Liverpools case, thirteen members voted in favour, five against.

There are currently over 1100 different sites on the World Heritage List, including the Taj Mahal in India and the Great Wall in China. All these places, according to UNECO, are unique, audiences of great importance and irreplaceable.

Great Barrier Reef

The Committees digital meeting began on July 16th led by China and lasts until and the end of this month. Members will vote on Fridays recommendation to put the Great Barrier Reef in Australia on the list of endangered world heritage sites. That is to the great discontent of the Australian government. Its trying to postpone the vote for a year.

Australia claims to put a lot of money and effort into saving the worlds largest coral reef and sees the areas placement on the hazard list as a wrong signal. Australian Environment Minister Susan Ley speaks of a political decision. She refers to the chairman China. Australias relationship with China has been under pressure for a long time.