Unforgettable evening for Van Ginkel: Ive been through something…

PSV went hard against AZ, but Marco van Ginkel had an unforgettable evening: the midfielder (28) made his return after 983 days without matches. It provides joy and relief.

Van Ginkel played his last game in May 2018 and has since been plagued by injury release. โ€œI didnt count the days in the end, but it did take a long time,โ€ he notes soberly at ESPN. โ€œIve only been working on my recovery in the hope that someday I could play football again.โ€
โ€œSometimes the chance of a return was less present, so I did have some experience… It didnt take two and a half years for nothing. It was emotionally and mentally hard, but in the end, Im here. Your congratulation is fitting,โ€ he says to reporter Jan Joost van Gangelen.
It was a dark period, recognizes Van Ginkel. โ€œThere have been a lot of bad days, but the fire has always been on. That was necessary, or I wouldnt have made it. Back home, were just gonna see what happened. Maybe look at some pictures from the past period… Champagne? Maybe I will, secretly.โ€

A bright spot on a dark evening for PSV: Van Ginkels return. Is he gonna open a bottle of champagne tonight?โ€ Maybe I do that secretly.โ€ #psvaz pic.twitter.com/QHM8LWZ8wg
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) January 13, 2021