Uni on the grain to trick with ‘undersized’ foreign students

Recruiting foreign students with substandard diplomas by universities is contrary to the spirit of law. That an institution such as the University of Amsterdam bypasses IND with a trick, rubs with their responsibility.

That writes Minister Van Engelshoven (Higher Education) in response to parliamentary questions of the CDA. The party had asked the Minister for clarification on the angling of lucrative students from outside Europe by universities. On a regular basis, these students from China or Russia do not have the necessary degree at level 6 VWO to start the university study of their choice, but a paper equivalent to a HAVO diploma. Through a commercial institution, they can be prepared in a year for substantial payment to start the training of their choice. Sometimes, like at the University of Amsterdam, they are enrolled in another study that year in order to obtain a residence permit.

Van Engelshoven says the working method of the UvA is ruining with the duty of care that the educational institutions have on the basis of the Aliens Act. Institutions must tell students about Dutch law. This stipulates that students will only receive a residence permit in a preparatory year if they are eligible for the training of their choice, which does not apply for the preparatory year. โ€œIf this is not done and students are not enrolled in the preferential course, then at least there is an improper use of the preparatory year.โ€ The IND will discuss it with the UvA.

The Education Inspectorate investigates practices which may be widespread. Already there is three private providers, who provide the preparatory year for 51 courses for eight educational institutions. In November, after the opinion of the Inspectorate, Van Engelshoven comes with a final verdict. CDA member of the parliament Van der Molen is already clear: โ€œStop this runaway earnings model.โ€