Unicum in Europe: Coke submarine intercepted

Three hundred police officers have rolled up an internationally operating network of drug criminals in Spain. They arrested 52 people and found, among other things, three tons of cocaine. But the most spectacular catch was a submarine under construction in Malaga that could transport 2,000 kilos of drugs. This is a unique thing in Europe: in the past these dangers were found only in South American narcos.

The criminal organization consisted of citizens of Spain, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. They found their Waterloo in ‘Operation Ferro’, which was coordinated by Europol. The cooperation of European police forces proudly reported today the scale and results of the operation.

For this purpose, police forces from five countries worked together, including the Netherlands. This led to the interception of a number of coke transport in the course of 2020. The Spanish police picked up the leader of the drug gang last November. The 9-metre submarine was found in a warehouse in Malaga in February.

After accomplices were arrested throughout Spain, it became too hot to underfoot another leader of the organization. He was arrested at an airport in Barcelona while trying to flee to narcostate Netherlands.