Unicum Van Gerwen: no playoffs Premier League after another defeat

For the first time in eight years, since his debut, Darter Michael van Gerwen has failed to reach the semi-finals of the Premier League. He lost in Milton Keynes 8-2 to Daryl Gurney and therefore did not finish in the first four in the league.

Van Gerwen won the Premier League five times, including the last four years. He also missed the final victory twice. This edition, however, did not succeed for the number 1 of the world rankings.

Biggest defeat

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Premier League was at a standstill for months. The last ten pouleduels were played behind closed doors in Milton Keynes in twelve days. Van Gerwen lost no less than five games there and suffered his biggest defeat in the Premier League on Wednesday when world champion Peter Wright put him 8-1 aside.

On Friday night Van Gerwen had kept his chances of a spot in the last four alive with a good victory over Gary Anderson, but against Gurney he didn’t reach that level.

The unusual situation for Van Gerwen, who was dependent on others for qualification of the final round, played through his head during the match. “As a result, I did not have the right focus. I let myself be distracted. I blame myself”, said the disappointed dart player at RTL7.