Unique images of a wolf on the Veluwe

A forest ranger made special images of a wild wolf in the Netherlands. Never before has a wolf been filmed so often and from so close range in the Netherlands.

The video shows what a wolf’s day looks like. She hunts, drinks water, walks around and sleeps. You can even see how the wolf tries to frighten a deer. That just doesn’t work out very well.

A few months ago, foresters in the Veluwe already noticed that there was something else. Deer walked in different places than usual and also in different groups. They were also more easily frightened.

The foresters didn’t know why. When they found the paw prints and poop of a wolf a little later, their question was answered. There was a wolf in the area and the other animals were not used to it.


When ranger Frank found out about this, he decided to put up cameras. That turned out to be a good idea. It yielded these unique images

The forest rangers think the wolf wants to stay in the area for a while. She pees in fixed places, for example. In this way she shows that the area is hers.