Unity announced Gigaya, a game that will teach you how to create other games

Unity has announced a new free game, Gigaya, which will help realize creative ambitions through the tools and functions of the well-known engine. In the world of Okkeriel, users will be able to find inspiration to bring your own projects to life. Gigaya will be an educational tool to improve skills ranging from programming to artistic creation.

Gigaya is the first Unity demo to be releasedโ€ full lifecycleโ€ and will be published on Steam as a free game. The release date has not been announced yet.

Previously, Unity also introduced the Enemies technology demo, dedicated to the new features of its engine. More on Gambling Xbox Game Pass Subscribers are trying more genres and more often Streaming on Twitch Square Enix postponed a new patch for โ€œThe Avengersโ€ indefinitely Nintendo answered questions about eShop maintenance in Russia.