University US settles abuse case gynecologist for over 60 million euros

The University of California (UCLA) has reached a settlement for over โ‚ฌ61 million with seven women accusing a gynecologist from the prestigious university of sexual abuse.

With the settlement, at least 6600 women who have been treated by the gynecologist can claim part of the settlement. Even if they didnt accuse him of the abuse.

An expert panel decides on the amount of the amount to be paid. A judge still has to give consent to the settlement.

Criminal case

The accusations made by the gynecologist originate from 1983 to 2018, where the man alleged to have assaulted women during examinations and groped them without gloves. Also, he would have made sexual comments to patients.

The settlement is separate from the criminal case against the gynecologist, who is still in progress. The doctor contradicts all accusations and receives support from a number of former patients.

Small step forward
After all ,

the university decided to make a settlement, โ€œbecause the incidents in the lawsuit are about alleged behaviour that violates our values,โ€ UCLA said to press agency AP. The university also thanked the women who started the business and called the settlement โ€œa small step forwardโ€.

According to UCLA, a survey of the gynecologist has already begun in 2017. The man retired in 2018, when the university did not extend his contract. After he was arrested for the case in June 2019, some 200 former patients reported to the university.

Similar settlement

Earlier this year, an American judge already authorized a settlement in a similar case. The University of Southern California (USC) decided to allocate more than 180 million euros to victims for sexual harassment and sexual harassment by a gynecologist.

That case was about 18,000 patients.