Unrest in Sudan, military men take power

In the African country of Sudan, its very troubled. The army took over power there.

The Prime Minister and a number of other important people have been arrested by the military. The military have stormed radio and television stations and closed the roads to the airport. Also, people in Sudan can no longer call and they can no longer be online.


Its been troubled in Sudan since 2019. Then President Omar al-Bashir was sent away. Since then, the military and government have been arguing with each other over how much power they have in the country.

Adam told you about that in the Youth Journal two years ago.

After the president was dispatched, a new government came. There were civilians and military men in it, but the quarrels between them continued.


Next month, there would be a new government without military personnel. But such a government would not be able to help the country well, says the military.

Sudan has money problems and army leaders say they are the only ones who can save the country. Thats why they took over power in the country.


In the capital Khartoum, thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest against it. Many politicians from other countries are calling for the Prime Minister to be released again.