Unrest stays with France: Mbappé doesnt want to know anything about excuses Giroud

It is restless in the French camp leading up to the European Championships. Olivier Giroud and Kylian Mbappé got together after the game against Bulgaria. Giroud tried to put out the fire, but Mbappé didnt want to apologize to the Chelsea striker.
After the game against Bulgaria, Giroud was critical because he felt he had few balls. Mbappé took that as a personal attack. The Paris Saint-Germain attacker wanted to shed light on the situation at the press conference after the duel, but was kept away from the cameras.
On Thursday afternoon Giroud went to talk to Mbappé to resolve the situation, but that did not make sense. That reports the French RMC Sport. Mbappé made no sense in accepting the apologies of the Chelsea striker, despite the fact that he stated that his words were not just addressed to Mbappé.
Where Mbappé is normally very cheerful during the training sessions of the French team, that was different on Thursday. He played late and even seemed to hand out a sneer in the direction of Giroud by comparing him to Filippo Inzaghi.
Im tired of the Inzaghis, they dont add anything, Mbappé seemed to say.