Until We Die is released in June, and for now a demo is available

The four-person Russian studio Pixeye Games has announced the release date for its debut project. The Until We Die sidesroller strategy with survival elements will be available on Steam June 5. The games creators were inspired by Pikmin and Kingdom: New Lands.

Action Until We Die takes place in the post-apocalyptic subway: in the underground sheltered and uninitiated hipsters, and only the old voyaka Ivan kicks and fogs can provide protection of the base and Survival wards. To win the player must last 30 days, protecting the generator and not letting Ivan die.

To test this will help the released demo: it has seven game days open, which culminates in a mass attack of mutants. More on CCeit Authors Phantom Doctrine are working on Stargate strategy: Timekeepers QuakeCon will re-order Before We Leave online with 25% discount.