‘Unvaccinated Germans no longer welcome anything’

In the fight against the fourth corona wave, the German government wants unvaccinated โ€œnowhere to go in.โ€ According to the German newspaper Bild, it says that in Berlins corona plans for autumn and winter. The newspaper talks about hard-cutting measures.

The stricter policy for millions of non-vaccinated citizens does mean that โ€œsuch a drastic lockdown as in the second and third wave will not be necessary anymoreโ€, Bild said on the Ministry of Healths proposals.

According to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) newspaper, the Ministry wants to increase pressure on those who do not want vaccination. Free tests will be deleted this fall and โ€œfurther restrictions may be requiredโ€ for those who have not been vaccinated.

3G Measure

Next month, the 3G rule (vaccinated, cured or negatively tested) will apply in general. Without complying with one of the three conditions, you will no longer be able to enter the hospitality industry, hairdresser and other contact professions. Sports or events indoor and large indoor or outdoor events will also become taboo.

The FAZ also reports that the face mask duty will be maintained for public transport and shopping until spring. Also, keeping distance, ventilation and other hygiene measures will not disappear in rooms where many people come together for the time being.

The increase in the number of infections is not least due to those who return from travel, FAZ said about Berlins fear of a new wave. People, too, behave in their contacts almost the same as before the pandemic. In addition, the consequences of the cold months.