Unvaccinated lockdown threatens in Austria

Austria plans to introduce lockdowns for unvaccinated citizens if the ICs increase in occupancy rates. Chancellor Schallenberg hopes the threat helps combat vaccine scepticism in the country. There are too many โ€œrefusals and doubtersโ€ according to him.

โ€œThe pandemic hasn‘t been over yet,โ€ Schallenberg said at the announcement of the plans. โ€œWe are threatening to stumble upon a pandemic of unvaccinated people.โ€

There are currently 220 corona patients in the Austrian ICs. If that goes up to 500, a quarter of the total number of ICs, unvaccinated people will be denied access to the hospitality industry. If it rises to 600, one-third of the whole, they are only allowed to leave their home in specific cases.

The Health Minister stressed that that moment has not come yet. โ€œWe’re looking far ahead in the future.โ€

Vaccinations stagnate

The vaccination rate in Austria is more than 62 percent. Only a few thousand vaccinated people are added every day. By comparison, more than 67 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated in the Netherlands, and more than 83 percent of the over 18 s.

Over the past week, there were 229 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in Austria, compared to 153 a week earlier. In the Netherlands, that number was 174 and 123.5 respectively.