Upcoming Years FM Frequencies Auction for Commercial Radio Stations

The FM frequencies for commercial radio stations will be distributed again in an auction next year. Minister Adriaansens (Economic Affairs) decided this, after the judge ruled last month that the current distribution of FM frequencies should not be extended for another three years.

Due to the auction, commercial broadcasters such as Qmusic, Veronica and Radio 538 have to bid to get a new spot on the FM. Nothing changes for the national NPO channels.

Last year, the cabinet and the House of Representatives had decided to leave the FM frequencies unchanged in the coming years. This happened because commercial channels had less advertising revenue due to the corona crisis and therefore had to be given more time to get their finances in order.

KINK dissatisfied

Radio station KINK, which is not on the FM now, felt that newcomers did not get a fair chance as a result and went to court. It drew a line by extending the frequency distribution and stipulated that the FM stations had to be redistributed by 1 September next year at the latest.

Minister Adriaansens now writes to the House of Representatives that the FM frequencies are indeed being redistributed and that this is done via an auction. She will announce what this auction will look like this fall. Nothing changes until September 1 next year.

According to Adriaansens, the advertising revenues of the commercial channels have now increased considerably. Research shows that last year these were already at the pre-corona crisis level and it is expected that this line will continue.