Update: ‘Acquisition FC Den Bosch next Friday news from De Vliert’

FC Den Boschs name has surfaced in a message from The Athletic medium. The number nineteen of the previous Kitchen Champion Division season will be taken over for the second time in three years, it sounds: the Pacific Media Group will be the new owner.
The US party manages KV Ostend (Belgium), Barnsley (England) and Esbjerg fB (Denmark) and is now going to add a Dutch club to its file. Wesley Sneijder also had plans to join the club with partner Ebert Dollevoet, but the PMG won the battle. According to The Athletic, an agreement was reached by the parties involved.
FC Den Bosch presented Kakhi Jordania, the son of former Vitesse owner Merab Jordania in 2018, but the KNVB eventually did not give the green light for the takeover. The Brabanders had been engaged in a lawsuit for a long time, but was able to breathe relieved: Jordan demanded all his investments from the club, but FC Den Bosch had to pay only 240 thousand euros in the end. After that statement, the takeover talks started again in De Vliert: the PMG was also mentioned at ADO Den Haag in the meantime, but therefore opted for FC Den Bosch.
Update: Dutch media is also taking over FC Den Bosch. The PMG becomes a major shareholder of the club, but a group of regional investors continues to hold over forty percent of the shares, reports Brabants Dagblad. The deal is expected to be ratified on Friday.