Update: Dinamo Zagreb coach does not feel guilty, but resigns

The trainer of Dinamo Zagreb has to go to jail. Zoran Mamic has been found guilty by the Croatian Court of Justice for tax evasion and has been locked up for four years and eight months. His brother Zdravko Mamic will be imprisoned for 6.5 years.
Croatian media report that. They were suspected of having personally enriched themselves at the expense of Dinamo Zagreb and evading taxes on the sale of players, including the transfer from Luka Modric to Tottenham Hotspur. In total, more than 15 million euros have been embezzled by the MAMIC brothers and two others involved. The amount has been channelled over the years.
Mamic was suspected of this before, now the verdict has been passed. According to the rules, Mamic must be discharged within eight days as trainer of Dinamo Zagreb. Mamic needs to get the verdict official first. After that, it is determined when to enter the cell, so that is not necessary immediately.
Dinamo Zagreb will play the second Europa League match against Tottenham Hotspur next Thursday. Chances are small that Mamic will be sitting on the couch.
Update: Dinamo Zagreb coach Zoran Mamic has resigned to the leadership of the Croatian club. Hes suspected of having funneled money out of the club fund, but hes definitely denying it. โ€œAlthough I do not feel guilty, I accept it. I resign from the position of head coach and sports director of GNK Dinamo. I wish the club every success and sporty success in its future work.โ€ Damir Krznar takes over Mamics duties.