Update: ‘Langeler will only start on April 1st at PEC, Groenendijk will start with it’

Art Langeler is at the top of PEC Zwolle‘s list to succeed John Stegeman last Saturday. Alfons Groenendijk is also in the picture at De Blauwvingers, reports RTV Oost. At best, he becomes Langeler’s assistant.

The regional broadcaster states that Langeler is the dream candidate of PEC. He hopes to bring a ‘surprising switch’ to PEC with Groenendijk. Langeler was already at the helm of PEC in the past and seems to be in front of a return, as was reported on Sunday evening at Studio Football of DeccEit.
PEC wants to have a successor of Stegeman in front of the group as soon as possible, but in the case of Langeler it depends on the KNVB. Because he‘s still under contract with the Football Association. It is therefore questionable whether Langeler is already available this week. On what term Langeler and Groenendijk will be presented, RTV Oost does not dare to say. There is still no question of an agreement.
If Langeler can only start the job in Zwolle after this season, it seems that Groenendijk will observe the honors until the end of the season. He’
s out of a club right now. Gertjan Verbeek was also mentioned as a possible successor to Stegeman, but the ESPN analyst‘s move to PEC seems to be excluded.
Update: It’
s round, reports the Stentor: Langeler becomes the new trainer of PEC. He does not start until April 1st, because his contract with the KNVB is still ongoing. Groenendijk will probably be standing for the group in the upcoming races. Then he becomes a field trainer.